Amit Garg, a graduate of the University of Indore and now runs a family business in India. He also supports humanity. Whilst visiting Montenegro he became interested in co-operation and partnership projects. He looks forward to exploring this potential and making a difference to the children and youth of Montenegro, India and worldwide.
Although he is not directly involved in work with children and youth, there are children and youth in his surrounding that live in extreme poverty. This experience can bring a new perspective to this area and Mr. Garg is keen on exploring it through partnership projects between our countries.

Olivera Pustinjak, the founder and managing director of the Foundation is a class teacher from Montenegro. Her career centers around work with children; she partakes in many humanitarian actions and is also the founder and choreographer of the Dance Club ‘Phoenix’ in Montenegro which exists for 6 years now. She is the deputy Director of YMCA Montenegro.

"It is a blessing to be able to work with children and young people. Even more so if you are supporting them, because every child on this planet is a part of future of the mankind. Only the healthy growing up can contribute to a healthy society’ -and this is also a slogan and a light motive of our work with children."


  • Certification: Training of trainers in the development of entrepreneurship and small business, the National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Niesbad, 2017 Noida, India
  • Certificate: Interaction with successful women in the World Trade Center, 2017.Indija
  • Certificate: Motivation in the classroom, 2016.
  • Certificate: Braille alphabet in inclusive education 2013.
  • Certificate: The inclusive education program in 2013 Save the Children UK
  • Certificate: Individual educational development plan, 2013.EU
  • Certificate: lnteraction and cooperative learning, 2004.
  • Certificate: Choreographer modern movement and organizer 1992. Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro
  • 2009 Founder and President of dance club "Fenix