Development of creativity through workshops helps children and young people understand the world around them, through their own ideas and experience. Creativity is connected with development of flexible behavior, self discipline, work commitment as well as the stronger sense of independence. Creativity develops important skills such as: intake of different perceptions of the world and surroundings, cooperation, concentration, focus, healthy communication, social skills, imagination, productivity, independence of thinking, initiative, interaction, teamwork, physical activity, optimism and general enjoyment of problem solving.

In our headquarters you can focus your interests on:

Goals of the activities we organize are:

  • Children and young people participating in creative games, workshops, dances, sports activities irrespective of their ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, ability etc; with the goal to acquire and develop new skills and positive values.
  • Developing and supporting positive self-image and confidence building, promoting social cohesion and social responsibility.