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Our mission.

Foundation did not want to set boundaries in helping and co-operating with others. This is a Montenegrin-Indian project, which is open to co-operation in the field of protection of children’s and young people’s interests worldwide


About us

„.OliviA-Fondacija-Internacional“ HercegNovi, Montenegro was founded on 1st July 2015 with the single main goal: Mutual co-operation through projects between Montenegro and India for the benefit of children and young people.



Many activities are being organised in the headquarters of our Foundation. We offer various workshops, school of modern dance and fitness dance for both junior and senior participants.

An Indian-Montenegrin cooperation - Steps of tradition


An Indian-Montenegrin cooperation - Steps of tradition
February 24th 2017. "Oliviafoundation -INTERNATIONAL" Herceg Novi organized a lecture Dr. Tatjana Burzanovic and this presentation prepared together with the students of the second year of the Faculty of Culture and Tourism of the University of Donja Gorica...
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Charity fun and educational program for children and presents for children from vulnerable families


Charity fun and educational program for children and presents for children from vulnerable families
In the framework of cooperation "Oliviafoundation-International" and NGO "Children's mission," 27.january 2017. in the premises of the Foundation organized socializing and entertainment program for children up to 14 years...
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New Year's gifts and greeting the New 2017


In the New Year's concert, which took place in Olivia foundations-Internacional held a concert dance group,, Fenix ". The guests from the elementary school" Milan Vukovic "and everyone was entertained by music professor Olga Vidović who made this event great selection...Read more. 



Workshops fair „A day for all“ -
On the day 27.11.2016 it was held a second Workshops fair named ”A day for all“ organized by the ”OliviA Foundation–International“, in which not only the hosts participated, but also the coordinators of various workshops and non-governmental organizations from many towns in Montenegro.
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Workshop for drawing portrets -
This workshop leads kids gradually into the world of art. Through its content the participants will get to know the materials, proportions, way of observing things and it will adjust art to the kids way of thinking.
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IPA Section Montenegro 02.07.2016.godine has signed a business cooperation with "Olivia-Foundation-International" Herceg Novi. Read more.


On 20th of May at 18:00 h Mayor of the Capital Slavoljub Stijepović and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajcak has officially opened the Slovakia street. The opening ceremony was also attended by His Excellency the Ambassador of the Slovak embassy Roman Hloben, Ambassador of the Bulgarian Embassy, Michal Spevak, president of the Montenegrin-Slovakian Friendship, Olivera Pustinjak, founder and CEO of OliviAFoundation-International, as well as many other important guests. Read more.



We call out to all the people of the good will, as well as all who is interested to give away their old furniture and become a part of a charity idea. We are going to restore the furniture - which is then going to be sold and the money will be given to the ones in need, or we will give the furniture away to the ones in need. We will also be organizing woodworking workshops. Read more.



On 29th December we celebrated last hours of 2015th with the party whose participants were all our workshop members and their teachers.  Read more.



This Sunday 20.12.2015., as you already know, in our Foundation has been held first fair workshop for all family members named “Dan za sve”. Read more.


Last Saturday we met an amazing artist Dr Tatajana Burzanovic for collaboration and common goals about projects with India. For now we would like to give you a short introduction of her work in the field of art. Read more.


28/11/2015. Olivia Foundation Promotion on the main city square in Herceg Novi. We presented the work and the objectives of our foundation. Read more.


On November 23rd, 2015, in Niksic, Hotel "Trebjesa", Olivia Foundation International held a meeting with the Secretary of the Indian Embassy in Austria, Mr. Pawankumar Badhe in order to establish common interests.Read more.


 Support for children and young people, Herceg Novi- The ceremony and presentation in Herceg Novi ,13.September 2015 marked the official launch of the international Olivia Foundation....... Read more.