3rd Day Workshop "Day for All"

On the 8th and 9th of December 2017, was organized 3rd Day Workshop "Day for All".
We had many visitors, especially children who participated in several workshops through the stations. There were students from several Herceg Novi schools, primary and a one highschool, accompanied by their mothers and relatives, as well as other visitors, curious to try different workshops or to buy something for themselves from hand-made work.
The participants of the Fair offered visitors of free workshops from various cities (Podgorica, Kotor, Budva, Tivat), offered their finished handmade works, and there were several thematic lectures.

We especially emphasize the lecture of UNIVERSITY OF DONJA GORICA, Podgorica. On the theme: Indian culture and tradition, presented by Tatjana Burzanovich, PhD, and a group of students. Honorary guest was the Indian Embassy Ambassador Mr. Pawan Badhe, Austria.
Through the project "Together Against Drugs", members of PR Herceg Novi, introduced the presence of drug users.
The Gallery shows the layout of art paintings by Art Of Tanja Djokic.
The other participants were:
NGO "RUKE" presentation (presentation of domestic products and handicrafts) from Herceg Novi
STUDENTS of the HIgh School Center "IVAN GORAN KOVAČIĆ" - Entrepreneurship, presentation and exhibition of works, Herceg Novi
FARMASI, Kotor- presentation, exhibition and workshop-professional make-up, care, make-up, for girls and women
MEHDINA KASIC, Podgorica - exhibition of handicrafts

WORKSHOP OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE, Jovana Krivokapić (politologist, language teacher)
INDIAN LANGUAGE WORKSHOP, lecturer at DP Academy, India. And meditation teacher Kunal Gumber

YOGA, Vladimir and Jana Volkov lecture and promotional class
CREATIVE WORKSHOP FOR FREE ACTIVITIES for children from 6 to 15 years

SHOW DANCE for children and FITNESS dance, Budva (zumba, pilates, yoga mix) promotional classes

CHILDREN'S ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILY "CHILDREN OF MISSION", Podgorica Workshop for children and parents, handicrafts, production of natural materials, papers,

ART OF LIVING, Art of Living Montenegro, Tivat - workshops with children and adults

Workshops BREAKDANCE, hip hop, rock, Igor Sierkov

YOUTH COMMUNTY, YOUTH COMMUNITY, conducted a survey with 30 visitors to the Fair mainly women and younger population.
After the survey of visitors of the 3rd Workshop "Day for All", we have a report on the Youth Community on the results:
Of the 30 respondents, all were satisfied with the workshops and felt that young people should be included in the workshops as much as possible and visit various activities. When asked if they learned something useful, 100 percent answered positively, but consider that such workshops are intended for everyone, more should be visited by families, we think of dads who could be more involved in joint activities when they have the opportunity to spend their free time with children and family.
At the fair most children were involved in several workshops, and women or mothers mostly visited the exhibition and decorative exhibition-the professional make-up of the FARMASI office. Most of the adult participants were yoga, meditation and Art of living.

The first initial meeting of the YOUTH COMMUNITY

The first initial meeting of the YOUTH COMMUNITY was held on Saturday, November 25, 2017. The meeting was attended by Stevan Lazarevic (Employment Office), Jovana Krivokapic (politologist), Olivera Pustinjak (professor) and a students of highschool. The idea to create a community of young people for the benefit of society was born as a consequence of the project for which we applied within the RYCO / REGIONAL YOUTH COOPERATION. This youth community should include a young population of 15 to 30 years, creating conditions for cooperation between young people through exchange in the region. In the planned activities, workshops, cooperation with various institutions , schools, universities and international cooperation. The main goal is to create strong young people, self-motivating and productive for our society, motivated to realize their ideas through their own advocacy and self-awareness.

In announcement of the 3st workshop with the "Day for all"

The Third Workshop "Day for All 2017" will be held on December 8th and 9th from 10am to 9pm.
The fair will be open to anyone who wants to show creativity from our area, entrepreneurs, founders of a small business and everyone who wants to get to know us about their skills like yoga, various kinds of dancing, production of objects, various types of services ...
We will exhibit exhibitors from all over Montenegro who will be presented at their sales exhibitions of handicrafts.
Several thematic lectures will be organized, and participants are NGOs, entrepreneurs, agencies, exhibitors, schools, etc.

Dance workshops and traveling
Dance creations are part of our workshops. Through dance, we realize our dreams as much as we can be strong, full of energy and ready for new ventures.
Under dance also involves the education of the soul, because we are open to receiving new knowledge, ready to show what we learned, how to overcome obstacles and, most importantly, to spread positive energy, create new friendships all over the world and exchange experiences.
We recently returned from Sarajevo, and our next destination is Athens, the capital of Greece. In the next year, will be planned traveling to Europe , and before summer will be organized a big dance event called "OPEN SUMMER" .

Cooperation continues with the University "Donja Gorica" in Podgorica
Last year we started cooperation with the University of Donja Gorica in Podgorica, when we organized a lecture by Dr. Tatjana I Aleksandar Vujovic, devoted to Indian culture and Montenegrin creativity.
This year, November 13, the cooperation continued with the lecture by Kunal Gumber, Indian language supervisor at the DP Academia in Jagraon, Punjab, on the theme of Indian culture. A lecture will be also given at the Workshop on December 9th in Herceg Novi, where a group of students with Dr. Tatjan Burzanović We will make a parallel between Indian and Montenegrin culture and tradition. Cooperation with UDG will be confirmed by the realization of future joint plans.

Fenix, dance group performaces across the world

The Fenix Group of Young Participants, in Italy, in the beautiful historic town of Cervetera near Rome, had a chance to take part in the dances of the organizator Dance Academy "Danza dimenzione 2000" in Italy on the seafront, surrounded by floral arrangements and beautiful fortres.
The manifestation was organized among the historic buildings in the central city. As the honorable guests, we had the opportunity to be located in the very center of the city next to the place of events.
A unique opportunity to perform with perfect dance groups and visit half of Italy (Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Verona ...).
Fenix ​​is ​​a dance studio that works within "Oliviafoundatiom-International " workshop and is very successful in dance performances in many countries around the world.
We started with Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Italy and It continues its presentation across Europe and beyond.
A big dance event in Herceg Novi is planned for September.

To begin with, besides our members, we planned guests from Serbia and Ukraine, and the goal is to have even more countries next year interested in promoting contemporary trends,hip hop, pop up ,theatral dance and special to discover hidden tallents.

Art Therapy - Where words fail, art therapy speaks
We have successfully completed our Creative workshop fot the self-promotion through art and play.
Children had the opportunity to present themselves with painting and literature in combination with psychological compositions expressed by ther deepest feelings, desires, problems and needs. After getting to know their fellings, they needed to get to know themselvevs so main goal of this art therapy so main goal of this art therapy was aimed at improving emotional intelligence as well as maturing.

A cooperation agreement between NO of Afghanistan and NO of Montenegro has been signed
20/04/2017 in New Delhi, Niesbad Institute signed the first agreement on cooperation between the two organizations:
NO MHDO (My Homeland Development Organization, Afghanistan, whose representative Mr Mohmad Aziz Asifya and NO "OLiviafondacija-Internacional" Montenegro, whose representative Ms Olivera Pustinjak.
The main objective of the cooperation agreement is a common mission, cooperation in the long run in order to educate and meet the needs of society.
The following is the original letter MHDO representative for our organization and our country:
As everyone knows There is no relationship between Afghanistan and Montenegro Except military relationship via NATO organization on war on terror.
The two nations even don’t know each other more than enough as two independence nations of the world.
Afghanistan is a great country of the world which suffers from worlds super power struggling their influence in the region, Afghanistan has a great geographical location of the world which can join the east to the west of the world. Economically, socially and politically Afghanistan is a power full country in Asia.
Afghanistan has a great nation with brave and big heart they are so respect full of all other nations, religion and culture. The country suffers from education especially with girls and woman the very high number of woman are illiterate and cannot read and right that is why they aren’t able to defense their rights.
With this agreement not just two independence organizations are contracted the agreement it shows two nations has been established a long term of understanding the cultural and historical knowing of each other.
This contract will show the world that the world is not banded by borders and fences they are all living in a village that any time can share their knowledge and knowing from Each other, but it needed a brave heart people to discuss this and make it happen.
Fortunality the great Nation of Montenegro has that brave heart woman (Miss Olivera) came all the way from Europe to India and found us, with sharing our Ideas and progresses we found out that here is the path for both sides to make this history moment in real.
This reality shows how important is this agreements, many girls and woman are suffering from illiterate and not having access of learning and many other woman which as lots of abilities does not have access of Market to make some money from their children to go to schools and struggle for a brighter future.
This is what we are all saying that (YES WE CAN DO)!
The MHDO (MY Home land development organization) has a proud for this agreement and soon we will officially launch the first small pilot project in Afghanistan as a (Vocational and literate classes) for girls and woman in Kabul by supporting of Olivia international.
The MHDO organization is strongly appreciating missOlivira for her hard working and making this dream in real.
With best regards,
Mohmmad Aziz Asify

An Indian-Montenegrin cooperation - Steps of tradition
Topic: Steps of tradition
Date: 24.02.2017.
Time: 18h-20h
Place: "Oliviafondacija-Internacional" Herceg Novi, Mica Vavića No.1, Novljanka Department Store, 1st floor
Mission: cooperation with experts whose professional activity is focused on working with young people

February 24th 2017. "Oliviafoundation -INTERNATIONAL" Herceg Novi organized a lecture Dr. Tatjana Burzanovic and this presentation prepared together with the students of the second year of the Faculty of Culture and Tourism of the University of Donja Gorica. What is linking our organization and this institution was the theme and love for India. The lecture had historical and cultural content, and the visiting teachers from primary schools Herceg Novi,also Highschool Center, as well as the students has provided to expand their knowledge of India, which is shown in a special way. On this kind of event was attended by many guests, a special honor for us to welcome the high school students who are the hope of our community.

The lecture was accompanied with a video installation and a nice comparison of Indian literature from the social system of that country. Visitors have discovered a new truth of this country and complement their existing knowledge.
After the lecture, Dr. Tatjana Burzanovic we followed the presentation of the film mr Aleksandra Vujovic who wanted to show his new artistic creativity. Short films by self-directed and reproduction symbiosis theatrical and cinematic works. Mixing segments of the Montenegrin cultural heritage and surreal overtones managed to interested attendees and youth for a new step forward in the realization of the Montenegrin film.
We are special welcome our colleagues from IPA sections, who have generously responded to this event because they are among the first to realize the importance of such cultural content in our city.
As a highlight of the evening guests were able to enjoy the delights of wine that was prepared for us well known wineries Zeljko Uljarević from Kotor.
Presentation of wine Zvonko Bogdan took place so that every sensibility was adapted variety and character of the wine.
Thank to friends of the Foundation who were supporting the event: IPA Section, Municipality of Herceg Novi, Tourist organization of Herceg Novi, Winery-Morinj Zeljko Uljarevic, Pica bar Forte and others who are still firmly with us.

Charity fun and educational program for children and presents for children from vulnerable families

In the framework of cooperation "Oliviafoundation-International" and NGO "Children's mission," 27.january 2017. in the premises of the Foundation organized socializing and entertainment program for children up to 14 years.

In addition to members of the Foundation, IPA section Montenegro and NGO "Children's Mission" from Podgorica, program was joined by families and children of poor socio-economic status who live in the municipality of Herceg Novi.

Members of the IPA Section organized transport of children from rural areas.

Guests this action were the Secretary of the Slovak Embassy Ivana Bajković, President IPA sections Vojislav Dragovic, President of Karate Federation of Montenegro Dragan Šakotić, and other members and friends of the Foundation.

Mission: Participation and affirmation of children in order to encourage empathy (sympathy), social communication, development of emotional intelligence, social interaction, spiritual values.

New Year's gifts and greeting the New 2017
(General sponsor IDEA CG Foods)

In the New Year's concert, which took place in Olivia foundations-Internacional held a concert dance group,, Fenix ". The guests from the elementary school" Milan Vukovic "and everyone was entertained by music professor Olga Vidović who made this event great selection of songs. Opened the first exhibition of students of the school of painting and drawing under the leadership of Stanislava Černaus.
Lead role for the smiles on the faces of the youngest have been provided by IDEA CG Foods with a gift packets that specially intended for children.
New Year's atmosphere spread through the game, dancing, having fun and parents were generous and prepared sweets for children. The children were able to try their luck in these festive days of the raffle which was organized for them.

Workshops fair „A day for all“
On the day 27.11.2016 it was held a second Workshops fair named ”A day for all“ organized by the ”OliviA Foundation–International“, in which not only the hosts participated, but also the coordinators of various workshops and non-governmental organizations from many towns in Montenegro.
The mission of the foundation is to give an opportunity to each person, without regard to the age, sex or affiliation, to get an education, healthier and more productive life, positive way of thinking and a sence of belonging in the society and generally in the world. That is our outset; that people work on themselves and on their progress, self–education, and that they overcome easier the day–to–day stress.
Apart from 18 Workshops, where the coordinators from six different towns introduced their skills and experiences to the visitors, several trade exibitions were also arranged within this day. Eighteen workshops were organized; the coordinators from Podgorica, Budva, Tivat, Sutomore, Kotor and of course Herceg–Novi were there, and the trade exibitions were particulary interesting. The coordinators of the workshops transfered their knowledge and experience to the visitors, nice new ideas were told and everything was inspired by creativity, no barriers. The workshops were meant for every age, the jungest and the oldest visited us, because learning itself has no lifespan. The participation was free and anyone could join us. The visitors could see an exibition of applied art and find something lovely according to their own sensibility. The ones that came, came with a strong will to share their experiences and to show, that the secrets are no longer being kept, but shared to the others. This was a new step and a progress towards new ideas, what we find priceless.
It´s well known that dance affects body in a good manner, also spirit and mind; it increases intelectually the ability of memorising, it develops the creativity and will for new discoveries. Jelena Mračević (salsa and hip–hop), Katarina Mysina from Budva (breakdance) and Nataša Koprivica (show dance and belly dance) introduced theirselves. Present were also ones that help us to cope with daily stress: Vladimir and Jana Volkov (coordinators of yoga), Marijana Vujović (coordinator of hata yogu vnjas), and a slovenian member Boštjan Fistrič from Kotor (coordinator of meditation).
A creative workshop was held by Miruška Čmelik from Podgorica, who leads NGO ”Dječija misija“ (children mission); Workshop of art with drawing, painting and also decoupage was coordinated by Stanislava Černaus; Katarina Grbić, that was recently on a seminar in Germany showed to the children in perfectly the new ways of drawing portrets. The Englosh and German workshops were also to find, held by Daniela Todorović from Tivat. The great saying “Quot linguas calles, tot homines vales” say it all. Children have great predispositions to learn foreign languages, but it is very important, that they start learning them early enough and in an adequate way.

Workshop for drawing portrets
This workshop leads kids gradually into the world of art. Through its content the participants will get to know the materials, proportions, way of observing things and it will adjust art to the kids way of thinking. One of the secrets of this workshop are special exercises that are not to be found in other workshops or courses. The exercises are complex, so that the kids are learning to draw firstly the most simple elements (lines) till the most complicated ones (whole portraits). This workshop is meant to be for children 4–9 grade and it will be held each Saturday 18–20h in the rooms of NGO ”OliviA Foundation–International“ in Novljanka.

14th November 16 2016 - Seminar,,Preparation and management of EU projects,, provides a complete knowledge of the project management method logical parent, experience in practice in the preparation and implementation of projects. Participants will find all available information related to the programming period, including professional terminology.

The seminar is designed for target groups

  • future managers and project administrators, financial managers and executives who will be dealing with the preparation and implementation of European projects
  • project managers in government, in the private or non-governmental organizations working with European funds or on the side of the governing body or those on the asylum
  • directors of primary schools, high schools and other educational and social institutions that are eligible to apply for EU funds
  • university professors involved in the preparation and implementation of educational and research projects
  • government personnel (municipalities) in various departments, where EU funds are used


The delegation of IPA Sections visiting OliviAFondacije-lnternacional. They agreed various forms of cooperation between the two organizations and announced appearance of the members of the Foundation on sports and recreational meetings 24.09. at the Police Academy in Danilovgrad.

In support of joint cooperation, OliviAFondacija will support members of the IPA, through various forms of cooperation and be open to new possibilities.

IPA Section Montenegro 02.07.2016.godine has signed a business cooperation with "Olivia-Foundation International" Herceg Novi.

With this agreement, the members of the IPA Section Montenegro to the education through seminars and participation in conferences, as well as active involvement in various cultural and sports events, as part of a joint program with "Olivia-Foundation-International".

OliviAFundation will organize an international expert seminar "Preparation and management of EU projects" in cooperation with Slovakia, a country that has undergone transition paths and their experiences of accession will be a good guideline for Montenegro.Because on this path of transition comes to mistakes that can be avoided only time to talk about them, it is necessary to draw attention to missteps in the state and as the private sector.

The aim of the funding from accessible period is to enable the development and modernization of regional infrastructure in South-Eastern Europe-Montenegro and others.In key sectors such as energy, transport, environment, human development, employment and social protection, which require large investments and which are essential for the sustainable development of countries, regions and recipients. IPA II projects planned 11.7 billion for the period from 2014. to 2020. Current users include: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia. Before accessible funds are a good investment in the future of the countries joining the EU.They help the recipient to carry out political and economic reforms,of economic reform to citizens ,better opportunities and the development of standard equivalent to that enjoyed by EU citizens.Joining the EU will help sustainable economic recovery, electricity, transport, environment, climate change... IPA II sets a new framework for the provision of before affordable aid for the period 2014 to 2020th, the right to an indicative amount of 270.5 million euros.

On 20th of May at 18:00h Mayor of the Capital Slavoljub Stijepović and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajcak has officially opened the Slovakia street. The opening ceremony was also attended by His Excellency the Ambassador of the Slovak embassy Roman Hloben, Ambassador of the Bulgarian Embassy, Michal Spevak, president of the Montenegrin-Slovakian Friendship, Olivera Pustinjak, founder and CEO of OliviAFoundation-International as well as many other important guests. Slovakia Street is located in the extension Dalmatinska street (part of town Blok6 and Block 5), near shops LIDO and shopping center Bazar. We are honored that we were witnessing a historic event in our country.
We plan an intensive cooperation with Slovakia, which is a full member of the EU and has undergone successful transition time of accession to the European Union, which now runs Montenegro. OliviAfoundation-International continues effective cooperation with Slovakia in the field of education, by organizing international seminars and conferences that will be a great contribution to the development of Montenegro.

We call out to all the people of the good will, as well as all who is interested to give away their old furniture and become a part of a charity idea. We are going to restore the furniture - which is then going to be sold and the money will be given to the ones in need, or we will give the furniture away to the ones in need. We will also be organizing woodworking workshops.
All who are interested can contact using contact form on your website, or send an e-mail at oliviafoundation.me@gmail.com You may as well call us at: 031321141 or 069190956 every work day after 5pm.

On 29th December we celebrated last hours of 2015th with the party whose participants were all our workshop members and their teachers. Special event was of course the arrival of Santa Claus, as well as the gifts he gave out to the kids. We were pleased to see the kids happy, cheerful, happy, and in overall really good mood. Quality of the whole night was aditionaly enhanced by our guests. We had to arrange transportation for some of our guests, so they could be a part of our celebration. We would like to send our thanks to Elena and Vadik Rastigaev on their organisation of transport and donorship for eight childeren who come from socialy threatened families, as well as the donorship for a girl who is recovering from a heavy health condition. We would also like to send our thanks to Mrs. Marijana Stokanovic and Mrs. Marija Colic, for working with our foundation on the preparation of gift packages.

We wish you a happy and successful New 2016th!!

This Sunday 20.12.2015. as you already know, in our Foundation has been held first fair workshop for all family members named “Dan za sve”. Workshops took place simultaneously; famous Russian painters Anatoliy Akue and Aleksandra Sevcenko were painting the walls of the hall and during that, inside you had the opportunity to see workshops of Hand press, Traditional embroidery, Dancing, Yoga, Painting, Meditation, hand maid things that have been maid by our young members Selim and his twin brother Sultan and projection of world famous workshops with topics such as cookery. This was an 'open day' so everybody had the opportunity to try all activities. That day was also special because we have had guests for India Unnikrishnan Namboothiri, Gejo Vembilan Augustin, Arun Pulickal Jose who camed to visit us for colaboration accompanying dr Tatjana Burzanovic. We wolud like to thank all the visitors, creators of workshops who responded to our invitation, offcours to our members who came to support and to Mark Kalinin (for projector) and Vadik Rastigaev (for help). We extend our deepest gratitude to caffe bar “Peters Pie and Coffie” and dental clinic “Šušić” who helped us complement this event with their donations.

Last Saturday we met an amazing artist Dr Tatajana Burzanovic for collaboration and common goals about projects with India.

For now we would like to give you a short introduction of her work in the field of art. Dr Tatjana Burzanovic, born 23.04.1969. in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hertzegovinia). She got her B.A. degree on The Academy of Fine Arts (Sarajevo) in the department of Graphic Design. After that she was forced to make a pause in her studies because of the war so she got her M.A. degree in 2005. also in The Academy of Fine Arts (Sarajevo) , and her PhD. degree in 2014. in Faculty of Arts & Design in Belgrade (Serbia). She receved many awards and here are some of them:

The most successful debutee' „Zlatno pero“ Belgrade, 1986. (Serbia)

First prize in artisic colony in Bečići for work with children 1994. (Montenegro)

First prize in artistic colony in Bar, for two paintings (dry pastel) 1997. (Montenegro)

Frist prize in second book fair in Podgorica for the best edited book, „Himna čovjeku“­ Rabindranath Tagore

She participated in more than 15. group exibitions, and had more than 10 independent. She was aprofesor and asistant in the Faculty of Architecture (UCG), adn currently works in Faculty of Design (UDG) in Podgorica. In febrary 2016. she will have two art exibitons in New Delhi and Colcata and also will promote her book „Bhagavad Gita“ (translation of PhD thesis) sponsored and organized by the Government of India.

28/11/2015. Olivia Foundation promotion on the main city square in Herceg Novi.

We presented the work and the objectives of our foundation. Prominent is the importance of cooperation with all organizations dealing with children and young people to create a pleasant atmosphere, a synthesis that will build confidence among children and youth, tolerance and respect, regardless of differences, strengthening the culture of our city. Each workshop presented their works, and beautiful it was to see the youngest members of the workshop that they have already joined the morning embroidery. Most passersby have fallen by about already finished works and activity which is already somewhat forgotten. Works have no price. It is work of childrens hands. Dance workshop has also performed with several attractive choreographies.

On November 23rd, 2015, in Niksic, Hotel "Trebjesa", Olivia Foundation International held a meeting with the Secretary of the Indian Embassy in Austria, Mr. Pawankumar Badhe in order to establish common interests. The meeting was attended by Olivera Pustinjak, Executive Director of the Foundation and Dragana Whyte, a member of the Management Board, with the task of representing the interests of the Foundation with foreign entities. Mr. Badhe has expressed interest in cooperation, primarily organizing cultural programs in Herceg Novi (dance, music, painting).

The Foundation would be the center for workshops and smaller events and co-ordinator of such visits, together with the Municipality of Herceg Novi. Primary goal should be the exploration of the possibility of joint projects or cooperation. The meeting also discussed potential projects, such as the twinning of the Montenegrin and Indian schools, sending teachers or other staff on the exchange in India, and organizing a lot of other joint cultural content.

Support for children and young people, Herceg Novi- The ceremony and presentation in Herceg Novi, 13.September 2015 marked the official launch of the international Olivia Foundation. The Foundation was set up to facilitate projects between the two countries Montenegro and India.

At the opening ceremony which took place in the new offices in the old Department Store in Topla, we had a theatre performance by our guests from Zvolenska Slatina in Slovakia, who were attending as a part of Slovak-Montenegrin Society from Podgorica. Natasa Koprivica, with her dance routine and Kristina Milatovic closed the event with the song "Boko Moja".
Donators and benefactors of the project are: Herceg Novi Municipality, Accountants "Benkom", the painter Vojislav Kordić, Ideal DM, Elkom team, Elektroluks, Hunguest hotel Sun Resort, "Sue Ryder" Gallery, flower shop "Mirta" and tailor’s "Vagabonda".